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FWC kneecaps "point-scoring" employer

A managing director's attempt to "point-score" during hearings into the dismissal of an employee who feared a gun-owning co-worker has been decried by an FWC commissioner as among the "poorest displays" from a respondent she has encountered in five years on the Commission.

BHP rejects CFMMEU overtures, pushes revised OS deals

BHP Billiton is sounding out employees in its fast-growing in-house labour hire operation on "simple, safety net" agreements that include a guarantee to pay 5% more than the award to full-time and part-time employees.

Union membership continues decline

Union membership has dropped from 14.6% to 14.3% over the past two years, according to ABS data released today.

High Court refuses to hear redundancy challenge

The High Court has today rejected a Spotless Group bid for special leave to seek to overturn a crucial redundancy entitlements ruling, closing off what unions have labelled an ordinary and customary turnover "escape clause".

Ross responds to Porter's loaded rates request

FWC President Iain Ross has agreed to consider IR Minister Christian Porter's request that he insert loaded rates into awards for "distressed" industries and will convene initial conferences next week.

FSU seeks GFB orders against industry super fund

The FSU is accusing an industry superannuation fund of undermining the union's bargaining role and engaging in delaying tactics to "intimidate employees on a one on one basis", in an application for good faith bargaining orders filed this week.

Qantas outsourcing strategy aimed to curb union power: TWU

In a Federal Court adverse action case seeking to stop Qantas sacking 2000 ground-handling workers and outsourcing their duties, the TWU claims the airline shunned its in-house bid to avoid agreement conditions and diminish the union's influence.

BOOT exception causing pain for Porter

IR Minister Christian Porter has today defended the "four paragraphs and one page" of the omnibus legislation that have particularly attracted the ire of unions and the Opposition, while stressing that he is willing to consult on and clarify the provisions.

Organiser's permit suspended despite playing "inexperience" card

A union official has had his entry permit suspended for three months despite the FWC accepting that his inexperience, having "come off the tools" only months earlier, played a part in his organising of an unlawful stopwork four years ago.