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FWC's anti-bullying order to buttress "ineffectual" court order

The FWC has issued an interim anti-bullying order restraining the co-owner of a tyre business and his employee nephew from communicating with or being within 10 metres of each other, noting that a separate court order for the nephew not to commit "family violence" against his uncle had done little to improve a combative workplace atmosphere.

HR bosses engage lawyers in academic bullying case

A university and its HR department embroiled in accusations of bullying between law school academics have been granted the right to engage lawyers to defend the claims.

Tribunal refuses "Rolls Royce" costs claim

The FWC has refused an employer's application to recoup its costs of defending an unfair dismissal claiming, noting the employer incurred its "unreasonable" $10,000-plus bill because its chose a law firm that provided a "Rolls Royce service".

Tardy warning letter not bullying, says FWC

The FWC has rejected a casual employee's bid for anti-bullying orders, despite finding that her employer had acted unreasonably by issuing a written warning 11 months after initiating the first of two contradictory investigations into alleged misconduct.

Date set for IRC VP's challenge to bullying investigation

March 15 has been set down for a potentially explosive hearing in Queensland's Supreme Court as IRC presidential member Dianne Linnane seeks to have a state government investigation into her alleged bullying of colleagues declared unlawful.

$600,000 payout for anxious worker who suffered breakdown

A court has awarded more than $600,000 in damages to a state government employee with known mental health issues who suffered a "breakdown" after managers failed to properly consider her condition when they addressed a mounting conflict with a supervisor.

FWC upholds DP World's sacking of bullying "big fish"

The FWC has upheld DP World's sacking of a stevedore and self-proclaimed "big fish" in the MUA for bullying two colleagues who stepped outside a worker-maintained "system of control and internal discipline" by taking a complaint to HR.