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FWC full bench rules BHP's vax mandate "unreasonable"

In a decision that threatens to undermine employer attempts to impose COVID-19 vaccination mandates, a five-member FWC bench has ruled BHP failed to adequately consult with workers at its Mt Arthur mine before announcing deadlines on site access.

Virgin deleting COVID vax proof after health profile concerns

The aircraft engineers union says no employers should require proof of COVID-19 inoculations that include individual healthcare identifiers, with Virgin agreeing in consent orders to delete the material amid concerns they could be used to access medical histories for other purposes.

Late application allowed after tardy HR advice

The FWC has extended time for a Victorian tram driver wrongly told he could use his employer's internal appeals process to challenge his sacking, with the advice not corrected by HR until a day after the tribunal's filing deadline.

End of road for unvaxxed worker who relied on Dean dissent

A worker dismissed for failing to meet his employer's COVID-19 inoculation deadline has failed to win an extension of time for his day-late dismissal claim, after he rushed to lodge it in the wake of the landmark Kimber full bench ruling three days before the 21-day-limit.

Ex-manager claims Vinnies sacked her for making bullying claims

A manager is accusing St Vincent De Paul Society Queensland of using an investigation into misconduct allegations as a "smokescreen" to get rid of her, in an adverse action case claiming it wanted to give her job to a member of an exclusive group of "Vincentians".

Union "recidivism" of limited relevance in "slur" case

The Federal Court has largely declined to take into account the CFMMEU's "recidivism" in setting a penalty against it for an organiser's unintended racial slur when he complained to a supervisor of southeast Asian background about the "third world" state of a Perth building site.

Novavax-awaiting nurse refused extra time to contest sacking

A nurse sacked after seeking leave to wait for the Novavax vaccine to become available has failed to win an extension after mailing her unfair dismissal application just three days before the deadline, unlike another nurse who did not get vaccinated on time and sent her claim seven days before the cut-off.

BHP wants secrecy cloak over vax case evidence

BHP Billiton has filed evidence from high-profile epidemiologist Professor Marylouise McLaws in defence of the company's workplace vaccination mandate at its Mt Arthur coal mine.

"Inflexible" HR manager fails to win anti-bully orders

A HR manager who complained of "manhandling" and victim-blaming has failed to obtain anti-bullying orders against a school leadership team, after the FWC found she took an inflexible approach and refused to follow reasonable directions.

Workers fail to overturn Victorian vax mandate

The Victorian Supreme Court has thrown out an interlocutory bid to quash State Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton's public health orders that mandate workplace vaccinations and to stop him issuing further orders.