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ILO pursuing "human-centered" approach to future of work

The International Labour Organisation wants to avoid the "trap of technological determination" and ensure people are at the centre of its approach to the future of work, according to its deputy director-general, Greg Vines.

Indemnity costs after teachers' refusal to settle

The Federal Circuit Court has ordered indemnity costs against two casual employees who refused offers to settle their adverse action and award breach cases for $10,000 and maintained their demands for $95,000 payouts.

Unions launch Change the Government ad campaign

The ACTU has today launched a multi-platform advertising that urges voters to vote the Coalition out to ditch its "unAustralian" IR system and enable unions' Change the Rules agenda.

FWC approves deal after non-compliant bargaining notice

The FWC has used new legislation permitting it to overlook minor technical or procedural errors in agreements to endorse an enterprise deal with a bargaining notice that failed to comply with the Act's pre-approval requirements.

ACTU to push Labor to review FWC's "stacked" deck

The composition and role of the Fair Work Commission "must be re-examined" due to Coalition governments appointing 20 consecutive members from an employer background, according to an internal ACTU report.

Waterfront agreement opponent not genuine: VICT

Victoria International Container Terminal has accused the CFMMEU delegate at the centre of a 2017 Webb Dock blockade of acting as a "stalking horse" for the maritime division in challenging his employer's non-union deal because he was "indebted" after a $40,000 bailout.

ALP to stiffen casual conversion rights

Labor has promised that if it wins the May 18 election it will strengthen the legal position of casual workers who want to convert to permanent part-time or full-time employment.

Gap opens between inflation and wage growth; & more

Gap opens between inflation and wage growth; Labour supplier signs enforceable undertaking with FWO; FSU seeks FWC hearing on rumoured CBA job cuts; UK's Low Pay Commission seeking submissions on 60% target; UK minimum wage has lifted low paid by £5000 a year, says report.

Deals genuinely agreed despite secret automation/shutdown plans: FWC

The FWC has approved two Coles distribution centre deals after the retailer defended NUW claims that workers did not genuinely agree to them because it failed to tell them of plans to carry out redundancies and open new, automated facilities.