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Bench starts hearing bid to disentangle overtime from casual loading

An FWC full bench has today begun hearing unions' bid to "disaggregate" overtime rates from casual loading in a range of awards, with employers arguing that an increase in casuals' overtime rates would reduce participation in the workforce.

"Severe reaction" to sacking excuses late filing: FWC

In a decision clarifying the degree to which workers can rely on their state of mind to justify late applications, the FWC has granted an extension to a cleaner "incapacitated" by stress after making serious allegations about her former colleagues.

Public servants' class action grounded

The Federal Court has dismissed a multi-million dollar class action against Airservices Australia by senior public servants, ruling they were not covered by agreements that would have delivered far superior entitlements.

Government department denied worker natural justice

In a decision probing the practical application of natural justice and procedural fairness principles in a public transport provider's disciplinary process, the FWC has held that it fell short in concluding that a tram driver tried to "wilfully mislead" an investigation.

Compensation based on "barest of evidence": FWC bench

An FWC full bench has thrown out a $40,000 compensation order made against an employer found to have unfairly dismissed a worker, ruling that a senior member erred in failing to categorise it as a small business.

Latest union marriage vows "radical" structure

The United Workers Union that is set to emerge from the amalgamation of United Voice and the NUW will have a "radical" structure that does away with state branches and instead adopts internal union "electorates" and sectoral organising.