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Employees can't "demand" flexible work arrangements: FWC

While expressing sympathy for a receptionist forced to assume responsibility for her 11-year-old sister after their mother's death, the FWC has rejected her claim she was constructively dismissed when her employer refused to modify her hours and guarantee leave for school holidays.

Order stopping industrial action premature: Bench

In a significant decision on how the Fair Work Act's provisions relating to time should be read, an FWC full bench has determined that a member erred when she imposed a 48-hour deadline on herself to order a halt to strike action rather than interpret the statute's "2 days" as giving her until midnight of the second day.

Offshore deal sinks again as HR manager admits ignorance of changes

The FWC has for the second time thrown out a Sodexo offshore deal after hearing its HR manager and an employee involved in bargaining did not understand a swathe of significant changes, leaving "no confidence" it was properly explained to others.

IR not a "zero sum" game: Porter

IR Minister Christian Porter has unveiled a broad workplace reform agenda that includes the laws covering casual employment and unfair dismissal.

Jail time for wage theft drawing closer

The Morrison Government has unveiled plans for wide-ranging changes to the Fair Work Act, including the introduction of criminal penalties for the worst cases of wage theft and underpayment and increasing the length of agreements covering greenfields projects.

Costs refused after company secretary got employer's name wrong

A sacked director has failed to win costs allegedly arising from an attempt to paint as a money grab his misnaming of the respondent, the FWC finding his former employer was entitled to object to what was an admitted and "egregious" error.

Senator refers Setka comments to AFP

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has referred comments made by Victorian CFMMEU leader John Setka at a union meeting to the Australian Federal Police.

Delegates reinstated after Visy manager "lost the room"

The FWC has ordered Visy to reinstate two union delates wrongly accused of organising an overtime ban, but deemed they should only be back-paid for six of the 18 months since their sacking in part because they were "players in the drama" who could have held some sway.