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Superannuation laggards offered amnesty

The Turnbull Government has introduced legislation granting employers a one-off, 12-month amnesty for historical underpayment of the superannuation guarantee.

Budget 2018: APSC to develop workforce strategy; review cost revealed

The Turnbull Government has commissioned the APSC to develop "a whole-of-government workforce strategy to drive modern workforce practices, inform future capability requirements and help prepare public sector employees for the future", according to Budget papers.

RSRT revival not assured under Labor's evolving IR policy

The Federal Labor Opposition has confirmed it is at odds with key industry bodies in accepting the link between truck drivers' pay and conditions and road safety, but stopped short of committing to re-establishing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

New labour hire regime begins, with lawyers among those spared

Australia's first labour hire licensing regime comes into effect in Queensland today with legislators attempting to meet industry concerns about its wide cast by tackling the thorny issue of who is and who isn't caught in its scope.

Legislators need to deliver: Gig platform

Gig economy platform Deliveroo has called on legislators to help provide "the best of both worlds" to their riders by considering workplace law changes that would enable linking of benefits with the number of deliveries, without "sacrificing. . . flexible supplier agreements".