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Bargaining continuing, as MUA offshore members go out

The MUA pushed ahead with a 24-hour strike at Tidewater Marine today, ahead of the broader dispute over bargaining in the offshore oil and gas service sector heading back to the Fair Work Commission.

Senate committee backs Fair Work amendments

The Senate's Education and Employment Legislation Committee has recommended today that the upper house pass the government's Fair Work Amendment Bill unamended, with the ALP and the Greens tabling separate reports opposing the legislation.

Tidewater order followed MUA official's unavailability

The Fair Work Commission's decision to temporarily halt a planned 48-hour strike at Tidewater Marine took into account that an MUA official was unavailable to give evidence in person to the tribunal.

Undermining of collective bargaining not FWC's concern: Court

The Federal Court has held that the Fair Work Commission can't refuse to approve agreements because they would undermine collective bargaining, in the latest ruling on the John Holland deal covering just three workers.

"Genuinely trying" not a moral test: FWC

The Fair Work Commission has held that the "genuinely trying" test is not a "moral" code and has granted the MUA protected ballot orders despite accepting that an employer was "rightly aggrieved" by its bargaining conduct.

Right of entry, IFAs and greenfields deals to the fore in new IR Bill

The Abbott Government has presented its first tranche of changes to the Fair Work Act to Parliament today, including proposals to free up greenfields impasses, expand the subject matter of IFAs, wind back the ALP's right of entry changes and require bargaining before protected action.

UFU ordered to comply with good faith bargaining rules; Challenges court ruling

The FWC has ordered the United Firefighters' Union to comply with good faith bargaining obligations in its negotiations with Victoria's Country Fire Authority, while the union has lodged an appeal against the Federal Court's ruling that clauses requiring the CFA to employ additional firefighters and conduct recruitment are unconstitutional.