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Who dares, doesn't always win, rules FWC

The FWC has determined that Woolworths was justified in sacking a petrol station employee for refusing to hand over money and cigarettes to a "difficult" customer, who then walked off without paying for a Dare iced coffee and spinach ricotta roll.

Ambassador's bodyguard employed on sham contract, union alleges

A security company must provide United Voice with internal correspondence about its practice of engaging contractors and employees, as the union pursues it for allegedly employing two embassy guards on sham contracts and sacking them when they refused to waive legal rights.

October hearing for Coles deal termination bid

An FWC full bench will next month deal with an attempt by the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union to intervene in a bid to terminate the 2011 Coles Supermarkets agreement, before a 10-day hearing of the substantive case in October.

Inquiry backs vulnerable workers legislation, with minor changes

A Senate inquiry's largely bipartisan support for the Turnbull Government's Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill is a "striking indication" of how far the debate on the issue has advanced, according to Adelaide University Professor of Law, Andrew Stewart.