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ACTU to ask for dollop of super on minimum wage increase

The ACTU will ask the Fair Work Commission for an extra 0.5% in award superannuation to compensate for the Abbott Government's freezing of Labor's scheduled increases to the guarantee levy, in its submission to this year's annual wage review to be lodged on Friday.

Mandate FWC "productivity test" for agreements, says power CEO

The head of Networks NSW, which owns the power "poles and wires" entities that are to be privatised if the Coalition wins Saturday's NSW election, is pushing for FWC approval of agreements to be conditional on them undergoing an objective "productivity test" and is backing calls for the creation of a separate FWC appeals jurisdiction.

FWC outlines key cases in anti-bullying regime

The head of the Fair Work Commission's anti-bullying panel has highlighted the key cases in the new jurisdiction's first year, and revealed that many employers are failing to follow their own internal procedures when dealing with bullying complaints.

Inside job: Former FWC deputy president takes hatchet to tribunal

Just months after retiring as a senior Fair Work Commission member, Brendan McCarthy has launched an extraordinary attack on the tribunal's role and operation, claiming it is not the appropriate body to establish minimum standards, its members lack economic competence, and it misallocates resources.

Fill vacancies with business people: AMMA

With Employment Minister Eric Abetz signalling he intends to cold-call, rather than advertise, to fill Fair Work Commission vacancies, the AMMA is today arguing it is people with employer backgrounds whose numbers he should be dialling.

FWC to spruik interest-based bargaining

Senior FWC members will head up enterprise bargaining and dispute resolution workshops in a pilot to kick off in Sydney next month, as part of the tribunal's broader strategy to encourage more productive workplaces.

FWC to lose seven members in a year

The Fair Work Commission will lose seven members to retirement over the next twelve months, and looks set to finish the year down one senior member in Perth when Deputy President Brendan McCarthy departs on December 31.

Open justice trumps suppression order in bullying case

The FWC has again refused to suppress the names of an employer and workers facing allegations of bullying, finding that the principle of open justice meant it shouldn't make confidentiality orders.

FWC fails to meet unfair dismissal performance targets

The Fair Work Commission failed to meet its target for finalising unfair claims in 2013-14 due to a big spike in applications early in the reporting period and a shortage of conciliators.

FWC review to tackle NES-awards clashes

Advice from the Fair Work Ombudsman has prompted the Fair Work Commission to set up a full bench to iron out inconsistencies between modern award provisions and the national employment standards, as part of its 4-yearly review.