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"Palpable distrust" doesn't arrest police shift proposal: FWC

The Police Federation has failed to convince the FWC that Victoria Police's plans to introduce afternoon shifts breach their agreement, or that the potential for frontline officers to "bear the brunt" of community dissatisfaction made the change unreasonable.

Employer lacked reasonable basis for flexibility veto: Bench

An FWC full bench has upheld a finding that Victoria Police lacked reasonable business grounds to refuse a long-serving detective's request, under a "right to flexible working arrangements" clause, for extra rest days as he makes a transition to retirement.

Seven-month "leave blackout" breached deal: FWC

A council's imposition of a seven-month "leave blackout" period in a quest for greater efficiencies has run foul of the FWC, the tribunal finding its failure to consult workers over the policy breached best practice and notification provisions in its agreement.

Relax public sector bargaining rules: Bench

An FWC full bench has used a workplace determination to call on the federal government to relax public sector bargaining guidelines, at the same time as it questioned the legal standing of a major department's decision to "go harder" after workers voted down multiple proposed deals.

Response "difficult to comprehend" given employer's HR expertise: FWC

The FWC on a rehearing has taken a different view of a beach inspector's claims that a supervisor authorised him to modify council cars, but found deficiencies with his employer's response that were "difficult to comprehend" given its HR expertise.

My sacking not lawful: Guthrie

Former ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has told a Senate inquiry that she had "no option" but to lodge an adverse action case with the FWC after the broadcaster's board failed to respond to her claims of editorial interference by the chair before sacking her.

Former FWC member advised on Guthrie sacking

Former ABC chair Justin Milne has revealed that the broadcaster's board received advice from a past FWC member before deciding to sack managing director Michelle Guthrie.

No recusal for judge accused of "ill-will" towards sacked teacher

A judge accused of banging the bench and unreasonably dragging out a case involving a dismissed teacher has refused to recuse himself on the basis of apprehended bias, finding that the transcript and an "alarmingly small" range of available hearing dates pointed to a vastly different interpretation of events.