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AMMA's challenge to CFMMEU merger 28 years late: Full Court

A Full Federal Court has dismissed the Australian Mines and Metals Association's application to quash two FWC decisions approving the merger of the CFMEU, MUA and TCFU, offering a brief history lesson as to why outstanding civil penalty proceedings posed no barrier to the amalgamation.

No hiatus for Esso bid to axe agreement

The AWU and other unions have failed in an attempt to delay the Fair Work Commission's hearing of Esso's application to terminate the enterprise agreement for Bass Strait offshore oil and gas workers.

Workpac launches challenges to casuals rulings

Workpac is challenging an FWC order to reinstate a labour hire mineworker to her former position with the same BHP host employer that "demobilised" her, while it is also seeking in the Federal Court to stop another casual from claiming leave entitlements.

Aldi deal challenges divide bench

An FWC full bench majority has refused to let the SDA amend appeals of two Aldi agreements to challenge the retailer's use of the word "leader" instead of "employer" in notices of representative rights, holding that the union must wait until the outcome of a judicial review on the same issue.

Government seeks court help to revive Esso deal

The Victorian government plans to intervene for a second time in a lengthy bargaining dispute over a new enterprise agreement covering Esso's offshore oil and gas workers in Bass Strait.

Barrister avoids costs as sacked HR manager slugged $71,000

A court has imposed a $71,000 costs order on an HR manager who took a "scattergun" approach to challenging her dismissal, but has stopped short of imposing a similar order on her high-profile Sydney barrister, despite criticising his role in the case.

Judge denied employer body procedural fairness: Court

An employer body's former sales manager has been ordered to repay disputed commissions after the Federal Court found five examples of a judge denying the organisation procedural fairness in the original small claims hearing.

Court returns keys to twice-sacked prison officer

A prison officer effectively sacked twice after pleading guilty to assaulting three inmates has again won his job back, an appeal court finding that the IR commissioner who originally reinstated him had correctly focused on what is fair and just, rather than "the reputation of the government".