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RBA ponders reasons for "surprisingly low" wage growth

The RBA has conceded its forecasts for wage growth have been "consistently too strong" for at least the past five years, but says there is limited evidence that the low rises are due to workers’ declining bargaining power.

Disputes up, but historically low

The number of industrial disputes hit an 11-year high last year, according to new ABS data released today, but they are nevertheless occurring at less than 15% of the level of 30 years ago.

Mandate public sector equality reporting to WGEA: Academic

The Federal Government should consider requiring APS agencies to report to the WGEA on their performance against gender equality targets, University of NSW researcher Sue Williamson told an IR academics' conference this month.

Reserve Bank sees "larger" wage rises ahead in expanding economy

RBA Governor Philip Lowe today used a House committee public hearing to restate his view that Australia's recent record of negligable wage growth may be nearing an end, suggesting that an improving local outlook amid a rebounding global economy would see increased pressure on employers to share the proceeds.

New low for private sector pay growth

Private sector rates of pay excluding bonuses grew by a new record low of 1.8% in trend terms last year, according to ABS data released today.

Employers exploited 500,000 in illegal unpaid work experience: Study

Some 10% of unpaid work experience appears to be unlawful, with more than half a million Australians falling victim to it in the past five years, according to new university analysis presented at an IR academics conference in Canberra today.