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Worker's insubordination grounds for dismissal: FWC

A fly-in, fly-out worker who made bullying and intimidation complaints but then refused to comply with his employer's instructions or grievance process has lost his unfair dismissal claim.

Law firm predicts industrial action, productivity, next on agenda

A new report from a major employment law firm predicts that the Senate will pass the Abbott Government's Fair Work Act and building industry amendments, suggests the next reforms will be limits on industrial action and productivity requirements for enterprise agreements, and highlights the lower than expected activity in the FWC's anti-bullying jurisdiction.

HR shortcomings make urinating driver's dismissal unfair

A truck driver sacked for urinating outside the entrance to a Woolworths warehouse will receive around $14,000 in compensation after the Fair Work Commission ruled his employer's handling of the investigation into the incident rendered his dismissal unfair.

Qantas policy roll-out failure a factor in reinstatements

Two long-serving Qantas flight attendants who breached the airline's taxi card policy have won their jobs back this morning after the Fair Work Commission found there was no valid reason for their dismissals.

No "relief" without relief reasonable policy: FWC

An airport security firm's requirement that employees ring their leading hand and wait for a replacement before taking a toilet break is "entirely reasonable" and lawful, the Fair Work Commission has held, in rejecting a security officer's unfair dismissal claim.

Sacking for dishonesty upheld by FWC

The Fair Work Commission has thrown out an unfair dismissal claim brought by a TNT Australia forklift driver who lied about working for a competitor while certified unfit for work and sending his employer a threatening letter, describing his evidence as a "farrago of lies".

Kogarah to Ingleburn a bridge too far for confectionery workers: FWC

Requiring employees to sit in a "slow moving car park queue" and travel up to two hours a day to and from a new work location does not count as reasonable alternative employment, the Fair Work Commission has ruled in a decision to award six workers redundancy pay.