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Woolies rise maintains agreement obligations: Unions

Woolworths has confirmed it will pay the 2.5% minimum wage increase to employees from the first week of next month, avoiding a repeat of the dispute it had last year with retail unions over the timing of pay rises to workers in its supermarkets and Big W stores.

Cost-containment hampering wages growth: RBA

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe has today added a new reason to his long list of why employers are not lifting wages - the "laser-like focus on costs" that has become the "predominant mindset" of many businesses.

2.5% rise as economy recovers from pandemic

The FWC has approved a 2.5% increase in all award rates in its minimum wage ruling handed down this afternoon and has again delayed rises for sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bid to recover 40 years of Indigenous workers' "stolen wages"

Shine Lawyers has filed a class action suing the Federal Government to recoup "stolen wages" for Indigenous workers in the NT who allegedly had them unjustly withheld or not paid between 1933 and the 1970s as a result of wage control legislation.

Key union seeks to expunge Queensland pay cap

The UWU is seeking at this weekend's Queensland ALP conference to axe the Palaszczuk Government's public sector wage cap, which limits annual pay rises to 2.5%.

Full court rules increases payable until new deal sealed

Qube Logistics must backpay two 3% increases held to be payable until it re-negotiated a rail deal, after a full Federal Court today upheld a finding that re-negotiation takes place when an agreement comes into force rather than when bargaining begins.

Employers fret over teacher pay review after Budget brush-off

Early childhood employers have told a FWC full bench that foreshadowed work value increases to teachers' award rates will impose a "significant financial impost" given the Morrison Government did not commit funding for it in this month's Budget.

Challenge to retrospective law on casuals "still in development"

The law firm behind multiple class actions alleging the misclassification of casuals says it still expects to mount a High Court challenge to the Morrison Government's retrospective legislative changes that shave potential windfalls from multi-million dollar entitlement claims.