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If not you, then who?, ACTU asks minimum wage panel

The ACTU's latest submission to the FWC's minimum wage panel has seized on Federal Budget forecasts that wage growth will lag behind inflation until 2024-25, arguing it is a "mystery" who else has the power to influence that trajectory.

Aged care nurses join 25% pay hike bid

The ANMF has filed a work value application seeking a 25% increase for nurses, nursing assistants and personal care workers in residential and home-based aged care after the FWC refused to delay the HSU's work value case to provide more time for collaboration.

Modest wages uptick continues

The ABS has delivered a small boost to hopes that wages growth might exceed restrained government projections after today's quarterly figures showed an annual lift of 1.5% across the economy.

Reduced public sector pay rises "not miserly": Pallas

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government will move to reduce average annual public sector wage increases from 3% to 2% in Thursday's State budget, spurring the AEU to strike a deal before the policy begins on January 1.

Police nail 1.75% pay rise as paramedics "win" 0.3%

The NSW IRC has awarded police a 1.75% pay rise after finding their award does not reflect productivity and efficiency improvements since 2011, but the state's paramedics will get only 0.3% with a one-off payment to boost their first year's increase to $1000.

Appeal court upholds public sector's "notional" pay rise

In a setback for unions fighting a mooted 1.5% pay cap for NSW public servants, the state's Court of Appeal has upheld a decision affirming a 0.3% increase in the 2020-21 financial year, in part because investing in infrastructure would be better than wages in stimulating the economy during the pandemic.

FWC canvasses employers on FDV policies; & more

FWC seeks to identify incidence of workplace FDV policies; Casual terms review timetable pushed back; and AiG calls for reduction in minimum pay delays for COVID-hit sectors.

Ruling underlines limits of equal pay provisions: Expert

A gender equity expert is questioning whether Australia's IR laws are capable of supporting equal pay orders that extend beyond minimum rates, after the FWC rejected an equal remuneration claim for early childhood teachers but flagged a possible work value rise.