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Bench ponders the meaning of "dismissed"

A five-member FWC bench has reserved its decision in a case with far-reaching implications regarding when workers can be said to have been dismissed.

FWC queries worker's potentially-fraudulent vax certificate

A senior FWC member has invited "relevant authorities" to investigate a potentially fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination certificate supplied to an employer by a worker claiming to have been unlawfully stood down.

"Extensive" domestic violence explained late claim: FWC

The FWC has provided a one-day extension of time to a worker who presented comprehensive evidence to support her argument that she ran late because she experienced "extensive" domestic violence that led to her being admitted to hospital.

Tribunal upholds rejection of HR advisor's WFH bid

A tribunal has upheld Queensland Health's rejection of a HR advisor's bid to continue working from home when she relocates to NSW, on the basis that face-to-face contact is a requirement of the role.

CFMMEU outcasts awarded $380,000

Two CFMMEU construction division organisers have each been awarded almost $190,000 after a court found the union ousted them for "disloyalty" over their decision to go public with claims that its NSW branch had criminal links.

BHP workers facing sack after recalibrated vax mandate

BHP says it will ask 35 Mt Arthur coal mine workers why it should not sack them if they continue to defy its vaccination mandate after engaging in a fresh FWC-assisted consultation process.

WA IR changes pass Parliament

WA IR Minister Stephen Dawson says he is urgently seeking Federal IR Minister Michaelia Cash's agreement to having the McGowan Government regulate all WA local government workers, following yesterday's passage of legislation overhauling the State IR system.

Transgress again and face removal: Ross to Dean

Fair Work Commission President Iain Ross told IR Minister Michaelia Cash that if Deputy President Lyndall Dean repeated her misconduct when she made contentious anti-vaccination comments in a September decision, it would be time to consider removing her from office.

Court puts stop to auditor's "inflammatory" media campaign

The Federal Court has granted ClubsNSW an injunction restraining a "whistleblowing" former anti-money-laundering compliance auditor from waging a media campaign while it sues him over leaked documents, ordering him to also pay 60% of the costs of obtaining it.