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Bank, union square off over alleged "pay secrecy" sacking

The FSU and the Commonwealth Bank are set to square off next month over accusations the bank sacked a worker for discussing his pay less than a month after chief executive Matt Comyn told a parliamentary committee the CBA does not enforce salary secrecy clauses.

Albanese stakes out labour hire battleground

Federal Opposition leader Anthony Albanese this morning confirmed his determination to make working conditions a major battleground in the upcoming Federal election with his introduction of a private member's bill aimed at erasing the gap between directly-employed and labour hire workers.

Many questions, few answers over suite of new IR laws

Unions have branded further legislation by the Morrison Government to protect migrant workers as "inadequate, given the scale and of nature" of exploitation, a view endorsed by a leading academic researcher.

Inquiry opens today after mysterious abandonment of hearing

Three big unions appear to have pulled out of giving evidence to a Federal parliamentary inquiry that will hear from two unregistered organisations that are signing up workers opposed to workplace vaccination mandates.

Workers fail to overturn Victorian vax mandate

The Victorian Supreme Court has thrown out an interlocutory bid to quash State Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton's public health orders that mandate workplace vaccinations and to stop him issuing further orders.

Toll, UWU reach deal after company seeks bargaining orders

The UWU says it has reached an in-principle deal with the Toll group on new three-year agreements for seven warehouses that provide 3% annual pay rises and a minimum starter rate of $25 an hour.

CFMMEU's engagement of trainer paying off in court

The CFMMEU's engagement of a former FWC presidential member to coach its officials has paid dividends after the Federal Court reduced an organiser's fines after considering his evidence the training had "helped me with the emotional side of the job".

"Nation's only inquiry into vaccine mandates": MP

The Liberal chair of a Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workplace and the FWC has billed it as the "nation's only Inquiry into vaccine mandates".

Wrongly stood-down worker didn't "share the burden": FWC

The FWC has decided not to compensate a Queensland hotel worker unlawfully stood down after she refused to temporarily reduce her hours, finding it would be unfair to her employer and colleagues who agreed to "share the burden of the pandemic".